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Project Training

The project based training are generally the first step towards getting acquainted to the real time processes of the actual engineering industry. Being thorough with learning and training is a must, when you work on such project trainings.

The students, who registered on Project Training with us, will get a chance to explore the real time works of the industry, share their ideas and knowledge, and seek guidance from skilled trainers of Sastech IT Skills. They can also ensure of adding up to their resumes, thus improving their scope of opportunities for recruitment.

We provide project based training on the required technology to students and then guide this trained manpower to get their required project developed or customized by themself.

Through our Jainanosoft Technologies, they are also sure to get their expertise in the research and development of a particular project or domain, thereby increasing their own self-knowledge.

Education & Skill Building

We provides real time academic projects with source codes for students and individuals. We have a great inventory of project concepts and details. Students can choose the concepts and our team helps them to learn, develop, deploy and present their projects. We welcome and encourage students who come out with innovative ideas. We will encourage the students to develope and deploy with the support of us. For academic students we support with IEEE Projects, Application Projects, Machine Learning Projects, Data Mining Projects, Data Science Projects, Cloud Projects, IOT Projects, Live Projects and Innovative Technology Apps.

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Live Project Training

Get training in our LIVE projects of Jainanosoft Technologies.

Academic Project Training

Get training to develop your own innovative projects

InPlant Training

Inplant Project Training with certification

Internship Training

Internship Project Training with certification

Software Programmer Training

Get strong skills in coding with logic building and programming with programmer certification

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Online Live Training classes available


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